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Modern - Nowodvorski

Summer is coming, and from now on, we will spend more time outside, enjoying warm evenings in our gardens. It is also a perfect time to plan and choose the outdoor lighting. The lamps will make your garden aesthetic, comfortable, and safe for the people in a household.
We have a few tips that will help you to choose outdoor lighting!

Think about degree of protection IP

A lamp installed outside has to meet a few requirements. Most of all, it needs to be safe in use, resistant to different weather conditions and water. When choosing the lighting fixtures for your garden, you should think about the highest class of protection IP. The first out of two numbers gives information about the dustproofness, the second one about water resistance. The higher class of protection, the better resistance to the weather conditions.

          1 st figure

  • IP2... - protected against solid objects greater than 12mm.
  • IP3... - protected against solid objects greater than 2,5mm.
  • IP4... - protected against solid objects greater than 1mm.
  • IP5... - protected against dust infiltration.
  • IP6... - totally protected against dust infiltration.

    2nd figure
  • IP...2 - protected against falling water drops up 15 from vertical.
  • IP...3 - protected against rain.
  • IP...4 - protected against splashing water.
  • IP...5 - protected against water jets.
  • IP...6 - protected against powered water jets. 
  • IP...7 - protected against temporary immersion.
  • IP...8 - protected agains continuous immersion.

Plan the garden of your dreams!

Festoon lights-7873-Nowodvorski-Lighting.jpg [593.30 KB]
 When you plan the garden, it’s worth choosing your lighting in advance. It is also a good idea to create functional zones.

The lighting fixtures installed in front of the entrance to the house will provide safety for people in a household for the whole year. The entrance area consists of gates, front doors, and stairs. Above the entrance, it is worth considering the wall lamps from the EXE collection with one or two points of light. A good option is also to install the sconces ROCK with two points of light that will beautifully brighten a number of a house or the lock on the door. Also, classical sconces from TAY collection will add an original look to the building.

A perfect solution that will brighten up the whole place is the floor lamp POLE LED I with a height of 260 cm or a lamp from the PATHWAY
collection with the possibility to modify the height from 155 cm to 285 cm.

Another important aspect is the choice of lamps that will be located in the walking and driving area. These lamps will illuminate the pavement that leads to your house, as well as the way to the garage. When it comes to the pavement, it’s worth choosing circular, built-in lamps from the PAT LED or CIRCLET LED collection. Beside the gate or the garage, you can install overrun lamps that will be resistant to the weight of cars. In such an area, the best choice will be PAOLI, PICCO, MONAlso, a good solution in the gardens is to use floor lamps. Elegant lamps from the TYBR, TAY, and AMUR collections will integrate perfectly in spaces arranged in a classic style. These lamps have a little over a meter height and, apart from being functional, they will create a magical climate after dusk. A great idea is to install standing lamps in the form of a post. The standing lamp TUBINGS has a movable light source in the range of 355 degrees. Thanks to it, you will freely adjust the angle of light. In a modern garden, it’s worth choosing LED lamps THIKA and SYMMETRY.


 Who does not dream about a rest in the bosom of nature? We don’t have to go far from home to build our oasis of calm. We can create a cozy atmosphere with additional lighting. On terraces and in the arbors we recommend choosing ceiling and wall lamps. Spotlights EDESA available in two sizes and colors or plafons from the MERIDA collection will integrate perfectly with such areas. It’s also worth considering wireless, portable lamps that we can place wherever we want. They will be useful on balconies where access to the electrical installation may be constricted. Lamps from the MAHE collection or lanterns PICNIC will conjure up a magical and cozy character. Their greatest advantages are hours-long work, without the necessity to charge it, touch and dimmer switch. What is more, thanks to the hanger, you can place it above the hammock on the tree. 
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Nowodvorski_Lighting-Outdoor-Lighting-CUMULUS-Series.jpg [8.09 MB]
 If you are looking for original and modern lighting that will attract the attention of your guests, consider the wireless lamps in geometrical shapes from the CUMULUS and CUBE collection. The latter type has one more advantage- it can serve as a small, portable table. During the day, the lighting fixtures will be a decorative element. In the evenings, they will brighten up space around the lawn. You can also display your flowers in original, portable, illuminated pots FLOWERPOT. There are three sizes for small and big plants.

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