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In a dynamically evolving world, where the pace of life is constantly accelerating, the home becomes not just a refuge, but a true oasis of calm and stability. Inspired by this year's trends, we anticipate that interiors will not only be stunning in their beauty, but also practical, comfortable and sustainable. It won't just be a matter of space design, but of creating a cosy home where comfort becomes a priority. The year 2024 will be full of warm, energetic interiors that harmonise with nature.

New lighting visions: wood and metal for a cosy atmosphere

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Boho style, based on ethnic patterns and ascetic form, and Japandi style, exuding the tranquillity of the Japanese aesthetic, will form the foundations of interior design. Modern light sources, represented by the SUNSET collection, combining geometric form with the warmth of plywood and solid metal construction, will cease to be mere functional elements and become a source of atmosphere, introducing soft light and creating a calm aura. The JAPANDI, BOHO, RATTAN, HAVANA, HAITI, DROPS or MOON XL collections also fit perfectly into current interior trends, presenting cosiness combined with style.

Vivid contrasts and colourful accents

Striving for naturalness, we avoid boredom. The play of colours should be based on contrast - natural colours should be broken up with accents of saturated red, yellow, silver or chrome. We will also appreciate the contrasting directions in terms of form, for example by combining round furniture with linear lighting. For those looking for a modern design that breaks the trend, the LASER collection of lamps with slim shades and a wide colour palette in satin shades of copper, gold and chocolate is dedicated.

Elegance of form: the reign of curves

From armchairs and sofas to tables, carpets and mirrors, this year's décor will continue to be dominated by round shapes. The STONE collection of outdoor lamps, inspired by the natural shape of stone, is a perfect example that fits in with the current trends. STONE luminaires, inspired by the natural shape of a pebble, not only add charm to a space, but also emphasise the harmonious character of the garden. By creating a consistent atmosphere both inside and outside, we will be able to enjoy the peace of harmony not only when relaxing in the living room, but also during evening gatherings in the garden.

Functionality first

It is also worth noting that minimalist, technical lighting never goes out of fashion. Its versatility and functionality make it a long-lasting element that fits in with both modern and classic settings. Stylish yet simple, lighting is like a solid base for all decorations and accessories, creating a neutral background that works perfectly with a variety of styles and trends, while adding a subtle elegance to the entire space. The value of interiors is not just limited to aesthetics. Lighting solutions such as MONO the CAMELEON system or CTLS and LVM trunking adapt to the changing needs of users, emphasising flexibility and modernity. 

Sustainable lighting - minimising energy consumption

Eco is not only about the choice of materials, but also about caring for resources. VERTIC LED, CIRCOLO LED, BAR LED, SPIN LED or ARM LED lamps offer sustainable lighting, minimising energy consumption.

We are discovering new beauty in our private spaces, inspired by the harmony of nature and modern design. In 2024, interiors will exude warmth, elegance and functionality, creating spaces where we want to stay for longer.

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The article is based on an interview with Małgorzata Nowodworska, Creative Director of Nowodvorski Lighting

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