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The living room is one of the most representative rooms in a house. It is a place where we invite guests, spend time with kids, relax, and usually have meals. When arranging a living room, you should take into account a few things that will help you to create a cozy and functional interior. Read our guide and choose the best lighting for you!

Divide your living room into functional zones!

When choosing the lighting in the living room, you should divide your room into zones. As a result, the interior will be comfortable and pleasant in use. Depending on the dimensions of a house, the living room can be a closed or open space(connected with the kitchen or dining room). Above all, the living room should adjust to the preferences of the people in a household. Closed living rooms will make it easier to relax. On the other hand, open spaces allow you to keep in touch with your guests, for example, when you cook. Regardless of the type of space, we can’t forget about creating functional zones.

A relaxation zone can consist of a comfortable sofa that will accommodate the whole family and a stylish armchair used for reading books or watching TV. Even in the tiniest living room with the dining area, you can’t forget about a table with chairs. We enjoy surrounding ourselves with details that emphasise the chosen arrangement style. It is also a good idea to decorate your walls with posters, paintings, and family photos that you can display additionally in the evenings.

Choosing lighting fixtures for the living room, you should consider the colour of the light. We distinguish warm colours from 2200 to 3500 Kelvins (the range from 2700K to 3000K is a light that creates a cozy and warm climate). It will be perfect in places of rest such as the living room or bedroom. Neutral colours from 3500K to 4500K are more similar to daylight. The universal shade of light will give an impression of whiteness. We advise you to use it in bathrooms, corridors, and nurseries. Cool lighting from 4600K to 11000K stimulates your body to work, and thereby it will be perfect for home offices.

Light in the lead role- ceiling lighting

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 Ceiling lamps were once the main and the only source of light. The range of available products in the lighting market is expanding. However, a suspended ceiling lamp or a plafon will always be a good idea. Lamps located in the middle of the ceiling will brighten up the whole space, depending on the size of the room. A perfect solution for an elegant living room will be a ceiling lamp made with brass from the STALACTITE collection in the colour of brass, white and black. You can enrich the interior design with the sconces from the same collection. In the modern living room, a thing that attracts attention is a suspended lamp from the collection PEAR in three sizes with a source of light beautifully displayed. They will create a spectacular lighting arrangement installed individually or in a group. For atmospheric and minimalistic living rooms, we recommend shades from the  CAMELEON CONE and CAMELEON BARREL collection. They are available in 7 subdued colours: white, pink, gray, black, black with the gold inside, and olive green with the gold inside. 


  • You can install one ceiling lamp or a few of them in different sizes.
  • Choose a lighting fixture that integrates with your interior and its size.
  • Adjust the colour of light to your individual preferences. Warm tones will aid relaxation, whereas the cool light will be perfect for a place of work.

Play with light in the dining area!

The dining room is a particular area in every house. That’s the place where we gather as a family during meals, invite guests and celebrate various occasions. Well-chosen lighting fixtures will both bring out the style of the interior and add character to it. The primary function of a lamp located directly above the table is to light it evenly. One of the solutions advised by designers is a minimalistic lamp from the IMBRIA collection with beautiful geometric forms and 6 or 10 light sources. People who enjoy a classic in a modern form will like impressive lamps LASER. It is also a great solution to use the lampshades from the collection CONE and BARREL in a duo. You can place the bigger size of the lampshade in the dining room and the smaller one above the couch. 

Smaller rooms such as the kitchenette with a living room usually need an additional source of light. In this case, the best solution is the adjustable wall lamp EYE FLEX. You can install it on a wall and combine it with a few suspended lamps from the EYE M collection. Such a combination will brighten up space above the table and create a pleasant and warm climate during long evenings. For the owners of the interiors with high ceilings, we recommend the Cameleon System. This innovative system lets you choose and create individual lighting compositions without the necessity of renovations to hide the wires in the walls and ceiling. It is possible to connect 12 lighting fixtures with a maximum wattage of 40 W from one driving point. In the elegant dining area, a good choice will be to install a lamp from the system CAMELEON EGG with a gold texture inside the shade or a lighting fixture CAMELEON UMBRELLA.

Cameleon-Laser.jpg [7.07 MB]


  • In the dining area, it’s worth choosing lamps that will light the table evenly.
  • Lamps chosen according to the style of the interior may be an additional decorative element.
  • Install the lamp at least 60 cm above the table. Remember that the light can’t blind people at the table.

Cozy vibe with a floor lamp

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 Every living room is a place full of life. We sit down on the sofa with our families to watch films, read books, listen to music and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. We surround ourselves with beautiful accessories to make the interior extraordinary and cozy. Create a magical atmosphere in your living room with the additional lighting of the floor lamp PETIT. Choose the base in a white or black version and one of the three shapes of the lampshade(cylinder, cone, or tube) in an original color scheme. Thanks to the various materials, the lamp will be an eye-catching accessory in minimalistic, modern, neoclassical, and even glamour interiors. The floor lamp EYE SUPER will add freshness to a light Scandinavian living room. The lamp from the MOSS series will integrate perfectly with interiors decorated in various arrangement styles. This accessory will add character to the interior and meet the practical and aesthetic requirements.


  • A lamp located near the mirror will beautifully brighten up space and optically make it bigger.
  • Adjust the size of a lamp to the size of a room. A big lamp will make a tiny living room look smaller.
  • Floor lighting will create a magical climate.


Shine a light on additional arrangement elements

You can create a climate in the interiors through the use of lighting. A subtle and cozy light will conjure up a magical atmosphere that will both aid relaxation and help to complement the interior arrangement. For a classical living room, it’s worth choosing the sconce HAMPTON II. Sconces located behind the sofa will be a practical solution for those who enjoy reading. In this case, it will be a good idea to choose the lamps from the FLEX SHADECHILLIN, and HOTEL PLUS collections with an additional source of light. Display your holiday souvenirs, family photos, or an extraordinary collection of paintings with picture lamps. An elegant lamp in the color of antique brass from the collection GIOTTO LED or REMBRANT LED with ornamental crystal decorating will amazingly light our collection. Every family gallery will shine because of subtle, available in three sizes and colors ( black, chrome, white) picture lamps from the VAN GOGH LED collection

giotto.jpg [4.48 MB]


  • It is best to install sconces 1,5 m above the floor.
  • Sconces will be a perfect lateral illumination.
  • A picture lamp will be a beautiful, decorative element. It will amazingly illuminate photos on the wall or a shelf with holiday souvenirs. 


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